Telemann Flute Fantasy in A Major NYSSMA
18 Dec 2009
visit Nina at for free flute tutorial videos, performances and for information about webcam lessons with Nina The Telemann Fantasies are among my favorite pieces for solo flute. I have my students learn them as etudes because they encompass a wide variety of keys, meters, tempi, articulations, and technical demands of sound and embouchure (especially in the wide leaps). I personally enjoy experimenting with ornamentation, especially on repeats. I require my students to write their own ornamental variations which is a great exercise for understanding phrase structure and Baroque style. My favorite flute recording of all time is Jean-Pierre Rampal's version of these pieces. There are many, many ways to interpret these pieces including playing them with or without vibrato, so I never get tired of playing them. The performances here are my interpretations at that moment. I will probably play them differently the next time!