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Read what critics, journalists, bloggers, colleagues and audiences from around the world are saying about Nina Perlove.
Leone Buyse, USA
“A highly poised, communicative soloist...[with a] well-focused sound, brilliant technique, and a dynamic musical personality. Always stylistically aware, she can infuse a long, lyrical solo with beautiful phrasing and coloristic effects, or inject special life into an angular, gritty contemporary musical line. Through her  REALFLUTE web project  Nina inspires and connects flute players worldwide because she is honest--intellectually and musically--and totally committed to sharing her passion for the flute.”
Faculty, Shepherd School of Music, Rice University and Former Principal Flutist of the Boston Symphony/Pops
Jimmy Walker, USA
“A terrific flutist with the right combination of talent and personality.”
Yamaha Flute Artist, Studio Musician, Faculty USC and Colburn Conservatory
Sir James Galway, Switzerland
“Well done, Nina. You are sounding great.”
international soloist and recording artist
Sumit, India
“Watching your videos helps one believe in oneself. And that, I think is the most important thing above all.”
Gareth Davies, UK
"I loved your masterclasses on the [Tan Dun Internet Symphony], they were really informative and well done."
Principal Flute, London Symphony Orchestra
Bill P., USA
I 've had years of lessons given by what I thought were good teachers. all competent performers. None was able to explain the nitty gritty of flute playing like Nina. I always felt that If I didn't "stumble" onto the right technique I would never make it, and I never did. With Nina, I know what to do to progress and succeed. Thank God and thank Nina!
Robert Dick, USA
“I very much like your approach to individual expression and to presenting concert performances that are really the way they are.”
composer and international soloist
Jerry Pritchard, USA
“Nina Perlove is a relatively young, but very experienced, flutist with a growing reputation....Moreover, she is a fine writer, music critic, and advocate for modern music....In the past few months, Perlove has garnered great praise and strong support from many corners of the flute world for her on-line video master classes on Articulation, Breathing, Fingering Sound Production, Vibrato and especially for her tantalizing posting of recordings by “the Mystery Flutist” and her demonstrations of her testing of 10 flutes and head joints of different metals made by the same fine flute maker, Lillian Burkhart....The off her ideas and her obvious talent very well. Take time to explore this rich website and to listen and watch her exceptional performances. You will be impressed.”
The Flute Network
Martin Steinberg, USA
"Beautiful tone, fluidity and phrasing."
music journalist
Louis Virtel, USA
“Awesome, Insane."
Tuning Up: The YouTube Symphony Debut
"One performer who felt quite natural in front of the camera was Nina Perlove, a flute teacher from Cincinatti who's been active on YouTube for over two years. "I actually have a channel dedicated to flute performing and teaching that has about 3,000 subscribers," she said. "My subscribers were actually the ones who alerted me to the audition, and even though I wasn't originally planning to try out myself, I made several teaching videos related to the repertoire and was encouraged by the response."

Ms. Perlove also noted that the rehearsals had gone swimmingly so far. "We're in excellent hands with MTT. He saw all the audition videos, so he knew what he had to work with, and almost all of us have orchestral experience of some kind, so we know what to expect from the first downbeat," she said. "In rehearsal, MTT goes fast, and it's 'go go go' right from the start, so not knowing each other's languages doesn't really come into play that much, because there's no time for them!"
Wall Street Journal
John Axsom, USA
“In my opinion [Nina] is...not only one of the best flute players in the world, but she knows how to communicate and to teach.  She knows how to make the complicated understandable.”
author of, USA
KC Payton, USA
“Very moving, very poetic and powerful performance. You really sing through the flute beautifully. Phrasing is wonderful. Intonation, never a problem. I'm impressed at your flawless ability to move from very high to very low notes.”
Arturo Z., Mexico
“Every time I hear you play is like the sirens of the sea are calling me!”
Bruce Conway, Victoria, BC, Canada
“Your sense of rhythm is amazing (something not many people except jazz musicians might notice) and you have a distinct ‘swing’ (dare I say it) in the classical sense. Lovely style, technique and interpretation. Fluid and nice to listen to (and learn from).”
Music Video Today: Vevo and the YouTube Symphony
...So here's a use for music video. Nina Perlove, a flutist in Ohio who's in the YouTube Symphony, sent music for a flute and guitar duet to another YouTube Symphony player, Celso Garcia, a guitarist in Spain. Garcia posted a video to YouTube of himself playing the guitar part, and Perlove replied with a video of herself playing along with him. Last night, they played the duet together live at the Poisson Rouge. Small potatoes, perhaps; but possibly a more useful kind of collaboration.

Now I'm curious: how much do you, as a classical music listener, use YouTube, and how do you use it?

Edited to add: Obviously I'm not a videographer either, but here, in the spirit of YouTube, is some footage of open-mic night at the Poisson Rouge. After an introduction by Ed Sanders of YouTube, performers include the cellist Joshua Roman (an acclaimed soloist who is appearing with the orchestra), the clarinetist Marco Antonio Mazzini Herrera, from Peru, the flutist Nina Perlove, from Ohio, and the guitarist Celso Garcia Blanco, from Spain.
Washington Post
World class pianist and flutist perform in McPherson
On Feb. 12, my family had the distinct pleasure of experiencing the music of two extraordinary accomplished Musicians at McPherson's exquisite Opera House. Nina Perlove (flutist) and Eric Himys' (pianist) performance entitled Per L’Amour Duo (for love's sake) was stunning...Listening to the precision, control and artistry, I was enthralled by their excellence and fascinated by the different texture of sounds they produce with their instruments...The music was all the more sweet when one considers they could be at Carnegie or wherever they chose. Yet, they chose to share it with us. Their presence in McPherson, as well as their performance, offers us a glimpse into their souls.
James Prescott, McPherson Sentinel
The Viral Orchestra: Final Thoughts on YouTube's Symphony
One thing I’d throw into the discussion is the undeniable importance of YouTube for the younger generation of performers. Young voice students, certainly, are a lot more aware of the great singers of the past then they were even five years ago, and I think the main reason is that you can hear all of them on YouTube.

I was also intrigued by the ways that some of the YouTube Symphony performers use YouTube. Certainly there were a fair number of music students who don’t have any particular interest inYouTube per se. But there were also people who use YouTube as the main outlet for their musical life, like George Durham, a cellist who went to Peabody, plays poker for a living, and posts videos to YouTube of himself playing multi-track cello arrangements of everything from Rossini to Metallica. (He told me he had a large fan base in Poland, where they apparently like Metallica.) Or Nina Perlove, a flute professor at Northern Kentucky University, who posts teaching as well as performance videos and has more than 3,500 subscribers to her YouTube channel. (Perlove initially made and posted teaching videos of the YouTube Symphony flute parts, thinking it was more something for her students than for her, before deciding to take the plunge and audition herself.)
Washington Post
Dennis, Argentina
“I wanted to thank you for your wonderful contribution to the YouTube community; I started playing tenor sax about 7 months ago, and took the flute as a doubling instrument (out of a shopping spree)...and, to tell you the truth, the flute is becoming my first instrument after watching your phrasing and voicing techniques. Now I leave the flute next to my bed so I can grab it as soon as I wake up!”
Alison, Australia
“I haven't played a flute in 20 years....Been practicing with it alone and came to a rut recently. Watched your videos from work yesterday as lessons, and could not wait to practice last night. Your video advice is fantastic. You are clear in your advice and you back it up with some awesome playing. I was so blown away by your abilities, I sent a link to other flute players I know. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.”
Ane, Norway
“For many days, I've been depressed. Because I've been told to do things the opposite way of you. And I've played for something about 7 years....But when I saw your video here, I tried it, and it worked! I'm happy, really! Because I've learned more about actually playing, of the twenty minutes I saw you, than in my seven years....Thank you.”
High C
In the 8 years that I went to music school, one of the most impressive and memorable flute students I met was Nina Perlove. She played well, worked hard, and always seemed like a rising star who knew where she was going. She looked great too - something I'm sure I took careful note of as a college boy. 20 years later she still looks great - hasn't changed a bit, in fact....She's Dr. Perlove now, and is enjoying a nice career with solo concerts, masterclasses, a teaching position, and a serious case of internet celebrity.

article link
Pamela, Australia
“Through you I can feel the possibility of a whole new life through transforming how I relate with the flute.  Your joy of and skill in teaching is obvious.”
Chris, Germany
The depth of emotion in every tone you play is really fascinating. Amongst many great flutist I have been watching, I have not seen anybody so intensely merging flute and body (and soul) as you do. I love to hear, see (and feel) all the small details when you are is very useful for my learning to see how softly you make the embouchure and even use your cheeks to stabilize/control air flow, or to see how unconstrained you press the keys. I think I have been watching your vids 50 to 60 times each. And every time I find some new tiny details. Thanks for sharing all this to the world.
Chryssie, Phillipines
“An angel of music.”
Allison, USA
“[The Piazzolla Tango-etude #4] was a chilling performance. I was riveted from the first note.”
Flutist001, USA
“Thank you for sending me this [Piazzolla Tango-etude #4]. According to ancient Chinese legend it is believed that the sound of the flute was able to reach the beyond. Your playing make me a believer of this legend.”
Marissa, USA
“I LOVE your tone! So dark and rich!”
Remnantpark, USA
“I got chills....When you play, I could feel true expressiveness and feelings that touches deep down into the heart and bones.”
Mohammed, Dubai (UAE)
“I am absolutely addicted to the way you play and I don't know why!!! It's so obvious that you play just wonderful, but there is something else about's like, your music has a color and smell, it's just something takes awhile to get in to it, but once you get in to that world, it's just amazing.”
Sally, UK
“Brilliant tone and control.”
Petter, Norway
“Perfect, magnificent!!”
Roland L., Germany
“This is the dream a flute should sound like!”
Andrew S., USA
“I just love the way you switch between registers; you go from the shining bright middle and higher registers to the very think, dark lower register. So beautiful. I just can't stop watching!”
Caitlyn, USA
“I cannot stop watching your videos. You are amazing and very talented.”
ZeebeeJay, USA
“Gorgeous...stunning... Ravishing...Such grace and attention to tone and consistency.”
Joe K, USA
“I have been searching for 35 years for a technique of sound production that works.  No one would tell me, not even the late great M. Rampal, who said in an interview with someone, ‘There are no secrets, just hard work.’  Well, there are secrets, it turns out.  Your video on sound production has supplied the answer.  I feel like Jason having just been given the Golden Fleece by Aphrodite herself!...I cannot thank you enough for spilling the beans.  Please accept my sincerest thanks.”
Meghan, USA
“I have found your videos very inspiring and have employed some of the techniques for teaching my students.”
hotflute, Japan
“I've just seen your videos. So good! And your thinking about "Real" music made a deep impression on me. I love REAL MUSIC,too. You are the REAL flutist!”
Cory B., USA
You've been such a great help to me....If not for you, I would not have continued to grow like I am, and I would have given up my dream to become a great musician one day. Now I am practicing, learning, and teaching. You have helped me like no one ever has. I thought you should know that. On my list of influences, you are now my first....Thank you!”
Louna6, France
Fabian, Colombia
“Gracias por los consejos Nina, me han servido mucho, sobre todo el video del vibratto.... Felicitaciones y muchisimas gracias pro el trabajo que estás haciendo con nosotros los flautistas a nivel mundial.”
Andy, Canada
“I listen to this [Telemann b minor video] every day, sometimes more than once a day, and can't get enough. Your tone is so rich and really exquisite. Plus, you understand the phrasing and approach to Baroque music better than many artists I've heard recently. BRAVA...You are a magnificent artist, and an inspiration for me to keep practicing.”
Darius, USA
“Your postings gave me a new found interest in perfecting my craft as a flutist. I have been playing flute for some 20 years, but after reaching a very good level of playing,(being self taught) my advancement plateaued. I lost interest because I was doing the same thing over and over, no new goal to achieve...without having a means of direction I just got frustrated. Then one day I came across Nina Perlove, you were a breath of fresh air. You have made me go back to the work-bench and aspire for greatness again. Thank You so much, you have no idea the effect that you have had on me and my music.”
Debbie C., USA
“I just want to thank you for what you are doing with your flute instruction on the web. My daughter, who is 10, started playing flute this year in her school band...we ended up watching your video on flute sound production. It helped my daughter so much! I just spoke with her band teacher yesterday, and she said that my daughter is doing very well. She said that most kids are just content with getting the notes out and don't care about whether they have a good sound, but that my daughter plays with a beautiful sound. I am a piano teacher, and have enjoyed watching many of your videos, even though I don't play flute. Thank you for making them available!”
firefighterjmr, USA
“Every time I listen to [the Telemann b minor], I am drawn in and captivated by it. It is mesmerising...I love it.”
Jorge Montes
“Nina you always manage to inspire me with your video's. I love how you manage to crossover from classical to Foo Fighters. It really makes me want to get up and push myself further. I wish I could share my thoughts using a vid so I could tell you just how much of an impact your page has had on me. You are truly an inspiration to all aspiring musicians....Thank you for sharing your talent. In doing so you affect the lives of thousands and maybe some day millions of people in a positive way. I say millions because I pay your gift forward. Thank you.”
Jake K. USA
“I felt compelled to write you because, after viewing your video, I was inspired to pick up my instrument again after about 20 years.  I studied only privately for many years with several great teachers including workshops with J. Rampal and James Pellerite....I realized that I had to eat and devote all my time to my profession, so I put the flute aside.  Now that I have been pretty successful and eating too well, I've decided to see if I can pick up where I left off.  Your video of the Telemann was indeed inspirational. Thank you for taking the time to use the newest media to reach out to such a wide audience.”
Thomas A., Australia
“As a composer, it is of course important for me to learn about all the instruments out there. I have found your instructional and performance videos to be well presented, professional, and in terms of musical genre, I especially appreciate your broad output. No doubt your videos have inspired me to write more music for flute, and have given me some great tools to work with!”
Phil B., Australia
[Nina’s sound production video] has been a revelation for me. I have a teardrop lip and played symmetrically for the first 7 years (quite a windy tone), to the right for a couple of years (better focus) and recently to the left (head not so twisted and good focus). I then saw your video.  By combining my left sided embouchure and dropping the flute away from my lips I have obtained the resonant sound you speak about.  Brilliant - I thought it was only Sir James and you other professionals who could get this sound.  Now I have it!
Barry, UK
I’ve been using your programs for double tonguing and for developing vibrato and I feel I am getting really expert help, much as I would from a one to one lesson. Thanks for your efforts and clearly communicated guidance. Many experts cannot communicate and some great communicators aren’t experts - you are both! 
Hessain, UAE
I’m a huge fan of you. U made me love flute, u made me buy a flute, u made me learn flute, u u uu , u changed my whole life with this awesome talent u got.
YouTube Symphony concert SRO -- now on the Web
Otherwise known as the Symphony heard 'round the world, the YouTube Symphony had its debut concert in Carnegie Hall on Wednesday, and the news of it traveled instantly around the world, probably by Twitter, but also via the Google-owned site that spawned this unique collaboration. Cincinnati had two participants, Nina Perlove of Blue Ash, an associate professor of flute at NKU, and Hyungtag Lee, a doctoral student at CCM, who plays the doulbe bass.

The world's first cyber-symphony is the result of an online contest held on YouTube.

Nina e-mailed some of her impressions, and mentions that she is quoted in an AP story:

I am in New York after our sold out, standing ovation concert last night. I wish you could have been here. The concert and the whole three days have been incredible!

I can't express what an electrfying experience it was to perform with the YTSO under MTT last night. The audience response really energized the entire group. I confess to feeling a little sad today to say goodbye to these colleagues with whom I shared an intense 3 days of music making which included several spontaneous outbursts of impromptu performances in bars, hotel lobbies, at Poisson Rouge, in dressing rooms and even in the Juilliard cafeteria (reminiscient of the opening sequence of "Fame"). Something special really happened here.
Cincinnati Enquirer
Outcome Based Social Networks: Yet Another CRM at the Speed of Light Excerpt
By June 2009, there were over 8.8 million views on the channel and nearly 40,000 subscribers. The interaction among the orchestra members and the subscriber/members was incredible and deep. For example one of the flautists, Nina Perlove wrote, along with a video:

“Nina Perlove looks at some of the places music was heard during the YouTube Symphony Summit…even after 8 hours of rehearsals! Please rate and subscribe and visit me at”

She had 3,300 views and dozens of comments. Also note that this is linked to her own site/network. It uses rating tools and RSS feeds to expand the connectivity of this social network.
YouTube Orchestra Melds Music Live and Online
So, after all the buzz about the YouTube Symphony Orchestra altering the audition process forever, after months of interactive computer chat about the world’s first collaborative online orchestra, after 96 winning players were selected from among the more than 3,000 musicians who submitted audition videos and were brought to New York for a group summit and Carnegie Hall concert, how did the YouTube Symphony Orchestra finally play?
New York Times
Paula, USA
“Through the incredible medium of the internet, I found that Nina Perlove epitomizes what I’ve always imagined ‘the art of teaching flute’ to be. One incredible insight that I gained from her lesson, is to recognize and self-assess my own progress via objective practice – particularly, with the use of the metronome daily. Perlove is a master at putting her student at ease, no matter what level of playing one might be. Perlove has an uncanny ability – through years of incessant training I’m sure – to hone in on her student’s needs in terms of what to focus on, where to work, and how to individually progress wherever their flute-playing endeavors might lay. And most importantly in a student-instructor situation, Nina knows how to constructively teach her student with a sense of honest feedback that I believe, continues that most important loop of dynamic learning!”